Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Drawing Project - Travel Book

A few months back I began working from lots of reference photos and notes with an eye to produce some kind of rough travel journal. This process had to be put on hold due to an unhealthy amount of work that i've had on. I'm hoping that writing about it now will mean i'm able to jump straight back into it once my deadlines for commissions and met.

So just to reiterate, I wanted to look into making a series of A5 sized travel guides/journals that are fully illustrated and have a minimal amount of written information. I didn't want to (and wouldn't be able to) produce anything that would act as a comprehensive guide, just being written from my own experiences. Ultimately they would be printed on copy paper, black and white, and importantly would be printed locally and distributed at the destination.

At this early stage I wanted to focus the project on one particular place that I visited; keep it fairly simple and informal with the illustrations being the main focus as opposed to being information driven. The prototype I have worked on is for Phu Quoc island in Vietnam. There are a few things that I need to look at again such as the relevance of having photos alongside the drawings. Here are a few images.

I think at the moment it's going to take a lot more trips away and information gathering to turn this into something other than a personal project.

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