Thursday, 27 June 2013

Independent New Review - Lloyd Cole

I while ago I was asked to produce a full page illustration for the Independent newspaper's Sunday magazine. The editorial was a piece written by musician Lloyd Cole. It was a brief history of his musical career offering an insight to his writing techniques and how these have developed over time. The art director was keen that the illustration conveyed a sense of time and narrative and wanted the image to be sectioned, almost like a comic. I began by breaking the story down into 3 or 4 small chronological sections. It was important to include a portait of Lloyd as many readers may not be familiar with what he looks like. An alternative idea that I had was to show a pile of his records, top-down perspective. I quite liked this idea as it was a little more subtle and possibly for me at least a nicer drawing to make. The consensus however was to stick to the original plan.

As the job progressed the significant passages to illustrate from the article became clear, and alongside portraits of Lloyd and Paul Weller, helped create the narrative that was required.
The final drawing was done on one piece of A3 paper. Mocked up from a variety of separate drawings and photographs on the computer first. I was fairly pleased with how it turned out. Perhaps it seems a little cluttered but the flow of the narrative hopefully is conveyed well. The turnaround for this job was 3 days.

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